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DreamFactory installation

DDKits DreamFactory installation



1- Make sure DDKits software is installed

ddk install

2- Start your environment installation

ddk start

3- Fill all information needed as the image below


4- Open any browser and try to opend the domain that you picked for your environment (our example here we picked

5- In any DDKits environment DDKits software adds a new access to your containers with a simple access command ddkc-DOMAIN as our example here in command line :
composer install --no-dev


If you chose to skip installing the MongoDB driver earlier type:

composer update—ignore-platform-reqs —no-dev

Once the command is finished running we will be ready to set up Dreamfactory.

php artisan dreamfactory:setup


You will be prompted to enter some information to connect to the database created earlier with the user and password you created.

Now that we’ve finished the installation let’s change permissions on a few directories. Remember the user we checked for with the ‘whoami’ command? That user will be required for this next step.

- check all permissions in your DDkits folder and make sure that you change the mag-deploy folder with all files inside into write and read for all. or by command line:

sudo chmod -R 777 mag-deploy


**- In case of any error or if a blank page with no errors please do the steps below



Make sure to change all needed informaiton as you already built with DDKits

chmod -R 2775 storage/ bootstrap/cache/
php artisan cache:clear
ddk fix


Magento home directory :