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ownCloud installation

DDKits ownCloud installation


1- Make sure DDKits software is installed

ddk install


2- Start your environment installation

ddk start


3- Fill all information needed as the images below


4- Open any browser and try to opend the domain that you picked for your environment (our example here we picked

5- Click on Storage & database dropdown button, and change Configuration the database from SQL to MySql/MariaDB:


6- Fill all needed MySQL information, plus make sure to write your ddkits ip plus the port


7- after finish the installation process your ownCloud will ask you to change your ../public/data folder permissions.


7.1- in terminal go to your DDKits installation folder and use the command below:

chmod -R 0770 cloud-deploy/public/data 



8- Refresh your browser page 

**- To get access into your ownCloud Server /bin/bash:



**- Run the DDKits permissions fixer:



**- (in case of any error in input, go to the DDKits installation folder and open ddkits-DOMAIN.html file   DDKits ownCloud this file will save all information been filled within the installation process with all important information)

Cloud home directory :