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Policy and Terms of Use


Users who accept to play online within the game terms, they would accept to share their email, game name and score to the open world leaderboard which hosted on Leaderboard of All games is shared between Android and IOS, so the leaderboard is outsources for DDKits games. 

GetfreeApi is Owned by DDKits which developed and created for API purposes, none of the information shared with any third party for any reason.

Games and Apps created by DDKits are all open source games, built for free, and depending on the ads to keep going. Feel free to contact us anytime in at [email protected] to remove your information in case of changing mind, or within the app itself please make sure you disagree to play online, and in this case you would not share any personal information with our leaderboard.

Duplication and Use.

User acknowledges that a subscription to DDkits’s Apps/or database(s) for
individual use is understood to mean for their own personal use only. DDkits’s
apps/games for website use allows for distribution within the website,
regardless of geographic location. If broader use is desired, please contact
DDkits for appropriate terms.

Wherever and whenever any DDkits Content is disseminated in whole or in part
with the permission of DDkits, it must bear the following in a prominent
location: “© ” or “© ”

Ownership and Copyright. DDkits is the sole and exclusive owner of all
copyrights in its apps/games and databases, including, but not limited to the
textual and graphic content and the organization, layout, and display of the
information and data contained therein. As a user of one of these apps/games or
databases, you acknowledge that you are a licensee of DDkits’s copyrights and
that retains title to all DDkits copyrights in the Content.

user recognizes that the information, analysis, and opinions (the “Content”)
contained in the documents and the databases are based on qualitative and
quantitative research methods of and its staff’s extensive
professional expertise in the industry. 

DDkits has used its best efforts and judgment in the compilation and
presentation of the Content and to ensure to the best of its ability that the
Content is accurate as of the date published. 

Term and Termination. This Agreement will become effective when accepted by user
and shall remain in effect as long as user retains any DDkits Content. 

The subscription period for DDkits’s news or apps/games updates and/or databases
is one (1) year, commencing from the date of this Agreement, and may be renewed
by user authorization under this same Agreement. 

The provisions of this Information Agreement shall survive the termination or
expiration of user’s right to use the apps/games or the databases.

Liability Limitation. DDkits’s liability under this Agreement shall not exceed
the information that been collected on this agreement, by the user for DDkits’s apps/games and databases. DDkits shall
in no event be liable for any loss of profits, loss of use of facilities,
equipment, email addresses, or software; or other indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages, whether or not foreseeable or foreseen.
Entire Agreement. This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the users of
any prior written or oral agreements between them concerning the subject matter
contained herein. 

There are no representations, agreements, arrangements, or understandings, oral
or written, between the users, relating to the subject matter contained in this
Agreement, which are not fully expressed herein.

Online Authorization. The transmission of user’s online registration User ID and
Password from the apps/games to DDkits shall serve as authorization for this
Agreement equivalent in all ways to user’s signature on a printed version of
this Agreement sent to DDkits. 

All sales are final. DDkits Content are informational goods, and immediately
consumable after download or delivery.  
Therefore, we regret that no refunds or exchanges can be issued on purchases
unless goods do not meet user satisfaction requirements in which case we will
issue a credit or otherwise authorize an appropriate remedy in keeping with
DDkits’s user satisfaction guarantee.

More Information
1- DDKits is an open source, which makes it free for all.
2- Apps and Games built by Reallexi or DDKits are under control of a open source roles, includes:
- providing feedback
- helping new users
- recommending the project to others
- testing and reporting or fixing bugs
- requesting new features
- writing and updating software
- creating artwork
- writing or updating documentation
- translating
3- All information are Stored and not for sale, and can be owned by third party
or other sources

4- No privacy or secret information that is not hashed or encrypted within the
5- Games built by DDKits or would be all under control of DDkits
only. no third part would be involved. & &