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Before starting

Docker, Docker Compose and Docker Machine must be installed on the system before using DDKits. (To save your self time, try to use Docker Toolbox)


Virtual Box

VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware, targeted at server, desktop and embedded use. 
For a thorough introduction to virtualization and VirtualBox, please refer to the online version of the VirtualBox User Manual's first chapter.



 Is the world’s leading software container platform. Developers use Docker to eliminate “works on my machine” problems when collaborating on code with co-workers. Operators use Docker to run and manage apps side-by-side in isolated containers to get better compute density. Enterprises use Docker to build agile software delivery pipelines to ship new features faster, more securely and with confidence for both Linux, Windows Server, and Linux-on-mainframe apps.


Docker Composer

 Is a tool for defining and running complex applications with Docker. With compose, you define a multi-container application in a single file, then spin your application up in a single command which does everything that needs to be done to get it running.

Docker Machine

 Is a Docker tool which makes it really easy to create Docker hosts on your computer, on cloud providers and inside your own data center. It creates servers, installs Docker on them, then configures the Docker client to talk to them.


Docker Toolbox

 Is a legacy installer for Mac and Windows users. It uses Oracle VirtualBox for virtualization. For Macs running OS X El Capitan 10.11 and newer macOS releases, Docker for Mac is the better solution. For Windows 10 systems that support Microsoft Hyper-V (Professional, Enterprise and Education), Docker for Windows is the better solution.


* In case of other issue please contact us or report an issue in DDKits github