With WhyWebs Multistep Registration you will have a multistep registration form. This module will auto create first and last names as a required field in your registration form, no need to worry about the username too, this module will create usernames depending on each user first and last name. so bottom of line this module will solve all registrations steps even faster than normal registration process.

- Show the password strength or not.
- Redirect users after login to an absolute or optional url.
- Redirect users after logout too.
- Connect your user registration to Owncloud database 

Email Registration

New Feature never been in Drupal:
- OwnCloud User Registration with Drupal Registration
** one of the biggest issues with OwnCloud is that no registration page because it's a personal Cloud but with DDKits and Whywebs this issue solved

Configure Whywebs registration widget options general settings at admin/config/whywebs/redirect.
You're done!

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