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DDKits docs

DDKits is an open source development environment and a workflow tool based on Docker.
DDKits allows users to build more than one container under the same port using DNS domain control.
It integrates those environments with their hosting provider or continuous integration workflows.

With DDKits you can easily mimic your production environment on a local and it gives you the ability to setup, develop, pull and deploy your sites much faster. Dockerize your dev environments and tools on OSX, Windows and Linux.


Docker requires a 64-bit version of Ubuntu as well as a kernel version equal to or greater than 3.10. The default 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 server meets these requirements.

Why to us DDKits with docker?

When you install DDKits, you can start creating your own apps and use 80/443 with all the environments. DDKits is an app that completely isolate development environments. Each environment contains the following: 

  1. Same port as your local host or Virtual machine
  2. Quick start with short questions about your new environment
  3. Fast installation of any new container or image
  4. Random backend port pick, which saves the trouble of making sure that the container's port is not used with another container. 
  5. Save yourself from proxy's issue and let DDKits set it up for you.
  6. You can create 10+ environments within the same machine.
  7. Create your DNS domains with any environment in the time of installation.
  8. Get Jenkins, Solr and PHPMyAdmin on each of the environments.


DDKits includes:


  1. DDKits proxy controller.
  2.  Your web application with any platform of your choice.
  3. Jenkins with an easy domain access:
  4. Solr with an easy domain access:
  5. Redis cache system can be used by your application.